The third season of Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’, a derivative of the Karate Kid, arrives early

Merry Christmas to fans of The Karate Kid! Netflix has a special gift for you.

O Cobra Kai The spin-off series, which started as an original on YouTube before moving to Netflix in June 2020, is arriving a full week ahead of schedule. The season 3 premiere had originally been scheduled for January 8, but Netflix announced a premiere on January 1 in a short video with star William Zabka.

Zabka played Johnny Lawrence in the first Karate Kid film, serving as the main antagonist to star Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso. Cobra Kai it largely serves as a redemption story for Johnny, starting 34 years after the first film, when he reopens the titular dojo that taught him how to fight. But while the Cobra Kai of yesteryear essentially provided training for bullies, Johnny’s new approach is more aimed at guiding trainees on a more positive path.

The show was one of the few original YouTube series that really landed, with two successful seasons before the company’s business plan changed and Netflix launched to grab it. Snake Kai. Therefore, the imminent release of season 3 – which completed production no later than the summer of 2020, if not earlier – is the first time that Netflix subscribers will have access to entirely new episodes.

The streaming content provider has already signed a fourth season as well, so there’s even more Cobra Kai come over.

To follow the surprise news of the premiere, Netflix also released this statement by a Johnny in the character: “I heard all of you complaining about the third season taking forever. I called the pawn shop and the guy showed me this Netflix thing. The guy knows his stuff. Now you can do it a week before. See you at New Year, nerds. “

You can check seasons 1 and 2 of Cobra Kai on Netflix now and then come back on January 1st to start your spree with season three.