Bride who pretended to have cancer to raise $ 11,000 for her wedding gets 5 months

A British bride who pretended to have terminal cancer to raise $ 11,000 for her dream wedding was sentenced this week to five months in prison.

“All members of society who think correctly would be horrified by your behavior,” district judge Nicholas Sanders told Toni Standen, 29, when he sentenced her Tuesday at Chester Magistrates’ Court, according to Sun.

“Fortunately, it is not always that this court has to convict someone who showed such a degree of shame, greed or betrayal of friendship as you did with your friends and the community at large,” said the judge.

“His shame was such that he continued to receive money from them for many, many months,” he told Standen, who was also ordered to pay a local businessman nearly $ 2,700 that he had donated.

As of July 2017, Standen said he was only two months old, saying of his fake cancer: “He went to my brain, my bones – he is everywhere”.

She shaved her head, updated friends with so much “clarity and detail” that they didn’t doubt her, and even gave interviews to two newspapers, according to Liverpool Echo, one of the newspapers she cheated.

Friends launched a GoFundMe page to give the couple “a wedding they deserve”, with Standen accepting more than $ 11,000 for his big day, as well as a honeymoon in Turkey, the Chester Magistrates’ Court was informed.

Her 52-year-old “unassuming” husband, James, was among the deceived when they finally got married last summer in a Catholic church in Widnes, according to the Sun.

Pals finally suspected this year after Standen inexplicably challenged his “condition” to travel around Europe, and then claimed to have COVID-19, according to Sun.

Toni Standen (left)
Toni Standen
Mirrorpix / MEGA

Two friends confronted her during a three-way call – during which Standen admitted it was “all a lie”, the reports said.

“I’m ashamed and heartbroken and now I’m fighting,” she texted her friends, according to Echo.

“At the moment, I don’t know if Jim and I are going to get divorced, I don’t blame him if he does and I don’t blame you both if this is the end,” she said, apparently confirming that her husband was unaware of the scam.

Her husband supported her in court when she finally admitted that she was a liar, noted the Mirror.