Body camera footage shows an Ohio police officer shot at a black man seconds after the encounter

The Columbus Police Department on Wednesday released footage of the camera from the body of the fatal shooting of a 47-year-old black man, in which a police officer shot the victim seconds after the encounter.

Footage of the meeting published by WOSU Public Media shows the policeman, identified as Adam Coy, shooting Andre Maurice Hill on Tuesday morning.

The incident comes weeks after local deputy Sheriff Jason Meade fatally shot 23-year-old Casey Goodson Jr., whose death sparked protests across the city.

The Columbus Department of Public Security said on Tuesday that the camera on Coy’s body was not fully activated, which means that there is no audio in the first 60 seconds of the encounter.

However, Coy can be seen with another police officer approaching Hill’s garage. About 47 seconds into the video, Hill can be seen walking out of his garage with a phone in one hand, and his right hand is not visible.

Coy appears to shoot Hill seconds later, and Hill can be seen falling to the ground.

When the audio is captured immediately afterwards, Coy can be heard breathing heavily. “Put your fucking hands to the side,” he says to Hill, who looks motionless on the floor. “Hands to the side now! Roll to your stomach now! “

Coy then asks if the doctors are coming, approaches Hill and turns him over. The news footage shows a policeman starting to administer first aid six minutes later.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther (D) called for Coy’s “immediate termination”.

“The Columbus Police Division’s core values ​​are integrity, passion, responsibility, respect and excellence. But [from] from the camera footage we saw, these values ​​were absent and were not shown while Hill was dying, ”he said in a statement.

The police officer was released from office on Tuesday, which means he handed over his gun and badge and was stripped of all police powers pending a criminal and internal investigation.

David DeVillers, the US attorney for the Southern Ohio District, said in a statement on Wednesday that his office is investigating the incident for any federal civil rights violations after the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations completed its investigation.

He added that he would then consult the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office on “how to proceed in completing our review”.

DeVillers is currently reviewing Goodson’s shooting.