Amy Schumer’s Baldwin joke keeps going

– It is a safe bet that Amy Schumer did not expect a playful online post involving Alec’s wife Hilaria Baldwin to cause such a storm. It all started earlier this week, when Hilaria, 36, a yoga teacher, posted a photo of her, dressed in underwear, holding her new son Eduardo. As a joke, Schumer posted the photo on his Instagram feed and pretended the photo was hers and her son, Gene, for People. Most people who commented considered him unconcerned, but others managed to turn against Hilaria and accuse her of embarrassing her body. Hilaria responded with a video defending herself, making it clear that she has no ill will against Schumer. “My only concern with this is that it seemed to be starting to get out of hand,” she says in the video.

Hilaria says that she is totally favorable to the body, but says that this should apply to people of all shapes and sizes, including hers. “There’s a whole thing like, ‘Oh, mothers aren’t like that,'” she says, USA today. “Some mothers do. This mother does. And I am included in the inclusion.” Schumer replied, “I’m sorry!” to the video and deleted the jokey post from your page. But she is a comedian after all. On Thursday, Schumer again published a photo of Alec and Hilaria trying to corner their children for a photo and again passed it on as their own family. “Chris and I had a beautiful day with the kids,” she wrote in the caption, referring to her husband. (Read more stories by Amy Schumer.)