This new Sword and Shield trailer is basically ‘Pokémon Planet Earth’

David Poke-borough

Okay, I didn’t expect this: especially one year after the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

In an effort to promote the season pass for the aforementioned game for the holidays, Nintendo is doing its best Planet Earth impression: complete with a false narration by David Attenborough. Playing straight, the video below takes you through the Galar region over four minutes and changes, mainly around the DLC zones of Armor Island and Crown Tundra.

In fact, it’s reasonably well done, taking advantage of some great camera angles from the game to showcase some of the most diverse locations. Subtle sound effects (like waves crashing through majestic background music) are also great touches! Congratulations to the team that created this.

Hardcore Pokémon players may even get a little wisdom from this! Dude, I’m ready for another Pokémon game; one that, hopefully, adds everyone to this moment.