Passengers can seek legal action against United Airlines after being exposed to COVID-19 on the flight on which the man died

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United Airlines may face legal problems after exposing its passengers to COVID-19.

Jefferson Parish coroners, Louisiana, confirmed to NBC News on Tuesday that 69-year-old Los Angeles resident Isaias Hernandez died of “acute respiratory failure” and “COVID-19” after falling ill on a United Airlines flight leaving Orlando, Florida. to LA last Monday. After falling ill, two passengers – a nurse and an EMT – performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him before the flight was diverted to New Orleans, where Hernandez died.

According to witnesses, the passengers heard the man’s wife say that he had been experiencing symptoms “similar to COVID’s” before his death. This was news for passengers who said they had not been warned by United Airlines that a person with symptoms of COVID was on the flight. Now, several passengers claim to have health problems after the incident.

François Montinat told TMZ that he is now “suffering from severe nasal and head congestion”. In addition, passengers Megan Hubbard and Cameron Roberts have been in trouble since the plane landed in Los Angeles. Roberts says he is suffering from symptoms while the situation caused Hubbard to be anxious. These passengers now turn to United Airlines to pay for their medical expenses, as the proper protocol has not been followed.

The airlines responded to these complaints by stating that they ask all passengers to complete a form stating that they have not had a positive test and are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19, but Hernandez did not complete this form sincerely.

“It looks like he didn’t accurately fill it,” United spokesman Charlie Hobart told NBC News. “The health and well-being of our crew and passengers is our highest priority.”

The airline has delivered its passenger list to the CDC for contact tracking and the flight attendants for that trip are now quarantined.

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