Kirk Cameron Rails Against ‘Mask Gestapo’ at Newsmax After Making Caroling Maskless Protests

After hosting the second of two unmasked Christmas carols to protest the restrictions of COVID-19 in Southern California this week, former child actor Kirk Cameron appeared on Wednesday night at Newsmax, where he labeled those who they dared to criticize their actions as the “Gestapo mask. “

Starting with a kind of joke, Cameron said, “You know, we’ve all heard of The masked singer and it’s a big rage, but ever since we started these peaceful Christmas protests, I’ve been affectionately nicknamed the unmasked singer and I’ve caused a totally different kind of rage. “

After complaining that news about the coronavirus pandemic, which nearly hit ICU capacity in Los Angeles and other parts of the state, has become “so dark and gloomy”, Cameron said he was just trying to give “hope to people” through Christmas carols.

“Obviously, you have a lot of supporters, a lot of people like what you’re doing,” said the Newsmax anchor. “But to be fair, you have a lot of fans of your own, and a lot of people are saying that you are helping to spread the disease and making things worse. How do you respond to them? “

Cameron accused “the press” of “painting a picture of what we are doing that is not in line with what is really happening”.

“I am not a Dr. Fauci, I am not a health specialist, so I consult doctors”, he continued, pointing to the theory that the “psychological damage” of the pandemic can be “much worse than the coronavirus itself” and that “There immunity in the community and there is isolated devastation ”.

“I’m not the policeman in the mask,” he said. “This is America. We shouldn’t have a gestapo mask and remote monitoring happening when people are adults, not babies. “

“They can make choices for their own health,” added Cameron, who describes himself as proudly “pro-life” when it comes to other medical options, ignoring the potential of these “adults” to spread the disease to their neighbors who made different choices. .