Jimmy Fallon introduces viral TikTok dancers after reaction

This was a good answer.

Last week, Jimmy Fallon placed TikToker Addison Rae on The Tonight Show to promote your new music. One of the segments they did together was Addison teaching him some viral TikTok dances and, almost immediately, the internet was NOT HAVING THIS.

Criticism number one was that Jimmy singled out Addison Rae at this point, without singling out the original creators:

@jimmyfallon @whoisaddison This would have been the perfect opportunity for you to lead by example and give Black creators due credit. That opportunity may have been huge for them. But no, you chose to show off a white girl who already has a damn career doing this shit. This sucks, do it better

Like, I understand! Addison Rae is a big name and she was on an advertising tour for her single – but if that is what you wanted to do, there was a way to include the creators so that these movements didn’t look like Addison Rae’s mind.

^^ What EVERYONE was thinking.

I will be the first to say: I do not like to give credit to men, but I also give credit to those who deserve it. Instead of just apologizing and ~ promising to do better ~, Jimmy Fallon brought the creators of these viral dances and drew attention to them:

Watch this video on YouTube


And last but not least, Keara Wilson, who created the dance “Savage”:

I really loved this video because A) I knew more about the creators and B) they were given a huge platform to light up / display their stuff!

Everyone else should take notes on how to respond appropriately to a situation like this.

Watch the full video to learn more about these TikTokers and follow them on the app for more amazing content!

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