Hilaria Baldwin draws attention to the affront while Amy Schumer apologizes for the pseudo-reposting joke

Hilaria Baldwin is summoning body shamers after Amy Schumer’s playful recreation of her photo has generated unpleasant comments about her physique. Alec Baldwin’s wife and mother of five, 36, took a video to Instagram on Tuesday to share what she found unpleasant about Schumer’s comments on a photo of her underwear with Eduardo, the 3-month-old son.

Baldwin shared that although she posted “a million photos like this” in the past, things only changed when Schumer recreated the photo on her own. The yoga instructor added that she was not blaming Schumer for what happened. “Well, I love jokes. I think it was really funny. I don’t really understand the joke really well, but some people tried to explain it to me so I could understand it,” she continued. “But I love jokes. I love making fun of myself. I love it when other people make fun of me. What’s the point of living life if you’re not laughing? You all know that I make fun of my husband all the time and if you are going to distribute, you better be able to take it back. “

The concern for Baldwin came when the comment section turned to “shaming her body”. “If you’re doing body inclusion, it’s body inclusion for everyone,” she said. “There’s that whole ‘oh, mothers aren’t like that’ thing. Some mothers do. This mother does. And I am included in the inclusion. “She went on to defend her activity on Instagram, saying,” I have a certain appearance. That’s how I look. I come from smaller people. I have been a fitness person my entire life. Ready. End of story, end of story “, before begging people to be” a little kinder because everyone is suffering mentally. “

Baldwin also defended Schumer in his Instagram story, adding about the comedian, who deleted his post: “I don’t think she was making fun of me. I think she was just being silly and the problem was what other people were doing with it.” Schumer also apologized in the comments for Baldwin’s video, writing “I’m sorry!” just to make sure that she hasn’t done anything wrong. “Girl, don’t be sorry! You always make me laugh,” Baldwin replied. “My only intentions were to address some of the not-so-namaste behaviors that some people went crazy after. You don’t have to take responsibility for your actions. Lots of love and shitty light.”