Green Arrow is joining Fornite, and Arrow star Stephen Amell has a criticism

The video game Fifteen days remains one of the biggest phenomena on the planet, largely due to constant reinvention and creative changes. Some of the coolest twists? All Marvel and DC crossovers. Well, the game just added the Emerald Archer – and the live action version brings some reflections.

The latest update for Fornite is adding new skin for the Green Arrow, sporting most of the classic costume style and his traditional bow and arrow. The design follows some hints of its comic style, as well as the live-action version of the costume that fans are likely to recognize from the long (and recently completed) The CW Arrow Series.

Now Stephen Amell, the former Arrow, entered the conversation with a minor criticism. Your observation? The Green Arrow version for video games does not have its trademark goatee – which is a funny and smart setback – because it was a frequent complaint among a contingent of fans in the early days of the Arrow Series. Of course, the comic version of the Green Arrow often featured a blond goatee. Instead, the video game version has a dark beard (more like what Amell used to look like on the show).

Although Amell’s tenure as the Green Arrow has ended, it is good to see that he is still keeping an eye on the character’s legacy – and telling jokes about the same complaints he received when he first dressed, years ago. With no big-screen version of the character to speak of at this point, there is no doubt that Amell’s view of the character remains (and probably will continue for a while) a definitive view of the DC hero.

The Green Arrow’s skin hits Fifteen days as part of the January package, which hits stores on December 31. If you want to update yourself Arrow, the entire series of eight seasons is now being streamed on Netflix. although Arrow may be gone, the ArrowThe back side of TV programming is still alive, with programs like Flash, Superman and Lois, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning remaining strong in 2021.