Car Service Nuro cleared for driverless deliveries in California

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Photograph: Nuro

Driverless delivery service Nuro was released for From California first autonomous vehicle deployment license, which means that the company will soon be able to launch a fleet of autonomous vehicles commercial vehicles on city streets across the state.

Nuro was released for the first time for test fully driverless vehicles in California earlier this year, but the new license means the company will now become the first autonomous vehicle company authorized to charge for your commercial Services. According to its website, Nuro specializes in transporting local goods “quickly, safely and affordably” and was designed to handle “tasks of all kinds – from dinner to dry cleaning. “

Inside an Average post, David Estrada, Nuro’s legal and policy director, said the company will soon “announce our first California deployment with an established partner.” Although deliveries are set to start with the small fleet of Toyota Prius autonomous cars, Nuro has also customized R2 electric vehicles waiting on the wings.

Issued by the California DMV, the license will initially only allow Nuro vehicles to operate in Municipalities of Santa Clara and San Mateo – which means that autonomous vehicles will be able to deliver to Nuro’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, but would still not be allowed to travel to nearby San Francisco or Oakland.

While vehicles will be allowed on city streets at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, vehicles will be just be authorized to drive in “good weather conditions,”What would it mean don’t penne aldeliveries of vodka on a rainy night.

The announcement of the license for commercial vehicles occurs at a time when Nuro seeks to strengthen its resources in the autonomous market: On the same day that the release was announced, the company also informed that it had acquired Ike, a startup destined to commercializing autonomous trucks.