Bachelorette’s Ben Smith learns of Tayshia’s engagement

“I was thinking: There’s no way any other guy could have the same experience as me,” he admitted. “But looking back now, I see, Oh, my God, Ben, man. Like, your relationship was one thing, and it was playful and fun, and I can see that connection that we had, but it’s pretty obvious that there was a deeper bond and deeper connection, ultimately, with Zac. You can see their chemistry, you can see how they work with each other. “

Ben, who told Nick that it has been more than a year since he was on a date outside the show, said he had reservations about returning due to concerns about having to overcome the fact that she had previously rejected him. But given how powerful his feelings were, Ben knew he had to try, especially considering that she had helped him on his personal journey.

“I have been trying to find a girl, trying to learn something about myself and maybe restore my faith in humanity, and I have achieved all these things, which is crazy for me,” he continued. “The reason I fell in love with her was the way she made me feel. She reserved space for me. She created a space for me to be open and vulnerable. And it was safe, and it was safe, and she didn’t run, and she didn’t punish me, and she did nothing but just receive me. And I’m grateful for that, and I’m extremely grateful for the experience. “