12 best-selling face masks we’ve covered in 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the most needed and sought after accessories this year was the now ubiquitous face mask. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first recommended that people wear face masks in April, which led brands from Athleta to Trtl and VIDA to make and sell their own.

Wearing masks at school and at work is now the norm (if you or yours are going to either), and some states have even implemented mask rules that require people to wear facial covers in public spaces like gyms and outdoor areas free, as well as on the face shields, leading many to opt for home gyms and other external but internal subtleties. Below, we’ll dive into the best-selling facial masks that we covered in 2020.

Although they do not in themselves prevent the spread of COVID-19, the CDC recommends that people use facial coverings in public when maintaining a physical distance of at least 1.80 m. it’s not possible. The VIDA protection mask is by far the most purchased mask we have covered in the last year. Each mask is made of two layers of 100% cotton with adjustable straps and a multilayer filter. Masks are sold individually or in multipacks, as well as in a selection of colors. The masks come in three sizes: normal, infant and extra large.

Among the five criteria outlined by the CDC, masks must fit the face perfectly and include multiple layers of fabric. Buck Mason’s all-day antimicrobial face masks match these markers as they have adjustable ear straps and are made of three layers of fabric. The masks also have a padded nasal bridge insert and an antimicrobial lining. The masks come in packs of five and are sold in three colors: black, navy and olive.

Some states require gym members to wear masks while exercising, and the CDC recommends wearing a mask while exercising outdoors, when social distance is not possible. We consider the Adidas face mask to be one of the best for exercising due to its breathability and high quality polyester fabric. Adidas masks are made from 40% recycled materials and come in one size. They have two layers and can be machine washed as well. If you prefer to wear a neck gaiter during exercise, readers like Eddie Bauer’s Unisex-Adult Multiclava.

As children return to school in person, many are forced to wear masks during the day. Crayola launched a collection of reusable and machine washable face masks for children in collaboration with School MaskPack, each featuring fun designs. The masks come in packs of five, are suitable for children aged three to 11 years old and are color-coded for each day of the week. They also come with a mesh laundry bag and a calendar card to track the use of the mask.

The CDC recommends that all children older than two years wear a face mask in public to minimize the spread of Covid-19. If you don’t want to invest in a reusable face mask for children (in case you lose it), Dr. Talbot offers a disposable option that is sold in a pack of 10. The masks have soft earmuffs, three layers of filtration and an easy-to-fold adjustable nose clip. You can get these disposable masks in patterns suitable for children, such as hearts, rainbows and flowers.

Experts say that getting a face mask suitable for children is likely to increase children’s adherence to wearing one. For this, Vistaprint makes a selection of children’s masks with colorful designs and patterns, such as a dog face, paint splashes and pineapples. The masks are reusable and allow the insertion of a filter. They also have adjustable ear loops and four layers of filtration: a textile outer, a replaceable fiber filter, a fabric layer and an inner layer of 100 percent cotton.

Some companies are looking for an additional element of good with their face mask offerings, donating to aid funds or donating personal protective equipment to healthcare professionals. Rails sells its non-medical face masks in packs of five, and for each pack sold, one is donated to essential workers. These reusable masks are made with different fabrics, including cotton. The masks are machine washable and each package comes in different patterns.

If you are using reusable masks, experts recommend that you keep several of them handy, as they need to be washed frequently. Old Navy sells packs of five and ten masks in more than 20 collections of patterns, from Tie Dye Cool to Pink Camo. The masks are three layers and 100% cotton, made entirely from the excess fabric used in the factories of the parent company of Old Navy, Gap Inc. They are machine washable and have adjustable elastic ears as well. Old Navy also makes children’s masks.

Hedley & Bennett’s Wake Up and Fight mask is one of the most purchased options we’ve covered this year. Although it has to be washed by hand, readers like the adjustable elastic straps for the ears, the metal insert for the nose and the filter pocket. The masks are made of a blend of breathable cotton and polyester fabric, and have a name tag sewn on it. For each mask the brand sells, it donates one to first responders and frontline workers.

Maxboost’s stylish black masks are also popular with Shopping readers. They come in packs of three and are made with two layers of fabric. The masks have adjustable ear straps and a nasal bridge to prevent slipping. They come in two sizes: Extra-large and Unisize-M / Large.

Many popular brands and retailers have started making and selling face masks online this year. These Anthropologie machine washable cotton face masks are sold in packs of five. Each set includes a variety of patterns and colors, allowing you to use different styles, depending on your outfit. Each lightweight, breathable mask comes with an adjustable metal bridge for a tighter, more comfortable fit.

Onzie’s Mindful Masks are made of recycled and multilayered fabric, which is also used in the brand’s yoga clothes. The fabric is elastic, comfortable, quick drying and breathable. The masks have elastic straps for the ears and must be washed by hand, as well as hung to dry. The masks are sold in packs of two and are prepackaged in different colors, so you won’t know what your masks are like until they arrive.

Most purchased face mask peripherals

1. Activated carbon filters OUBA 20 PCS

Experts say that equipping a face mask with a filter should increase its effectiveness in filtering particles. Many masks come with a filter pocket, allowing you to purchase disposable filters separately. Readers like these filters – available in packs of 20 – because they are made of five layers of activated carbon, non-woven fabric and melted filter. They are designed to filter about 99% of particles such as pollen, smoke, dust, chemicals, particles and vapors. Kinglight pm2.5 activated carbon filters, which come in packs of 10, are also a popular option.

2. Muryobao face protection shield

Face masks are best used over face masks as a second layer of protection, and not alone, according to medical experts we consult. Shopping readers like this option, which is made of transparent and recyclable plastic. They cover the entire face and feature a soft sponge material that stays on the headband for added comfort. The elastic band of the shield can be easily adjusted to fit heads of different sizes. The shields can be washed with water or disinfectant and come in packs of two.

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