Who leads the Ohio state football quarterback competition in the middle of spring? Buckeye Bits

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio state football coach Ryan Day insists, halfway through spring camp, that there is no separation in his quarterback battle.

Then read what you are doing on the rotation that reporters witnessed in training last Friday and Monday. CJ Stroud, Jack Miller and Kyle McCord lined up in that order for stretching and calisthenic exercises, and they repeated their transfers and performed the exercises in the same order.

Day said the rotation has varied and will vary in the future. He said on Monday that he would like to have 18 months to prepare the trio for their debut day. However, he was only six when spring training began, and by the time he finishes, he will have reduced it to five.

“I think they did a decent job of learning each day, so I think that was positive,” said Day. “I think their lack of repetition – it’s difficult. They need a lot of repetitions of everything. And the good news is that they are very eager to learn. They are taking good notes. Everyone is improving in their own way. “

Stroud seemed to end last season as a substitute, having replaced Justin Fields on emergency duty twice – including in the playoff semifinal against Clemson. So even if all three opened with an equal chance of one-third to win the job, they may not have opened the tied spring for first.

Tuesday’s Buckeye Talk episode focused on whether we believe more in our ears or in our eyes when it comes to quarterback competition and other spring stories. Stroud looked comfortable and balanced in our two glimpses of practice. Even so, all three defenders made good and bad moves. Whether or not everyone has a third share of the leadership, the opportunity to compete and prove the result on the field seems genuine.

What else did we see on Monday?

Craig Young, an established identity linebacker, lined up securely in various workouts. Bullet’s conversation continues to gain momentum this spring. “This is exciting for us because he can cover, he can play in the box, he can be physical, he can blitz,” said Day. Day mentioned three other players listed as security guards – Ronnie Hickman, Kourt Williams and walk Ryan Batsch – in the same role as Young. … Among the reasons why Day is excited about defensive tackles is an impressive off-season for Taron Vincent. Restrained by injuries so far in his career, Vincent has been the player who has improved the most in that group, per day. He credited Vincent’s dedication to Mickey Marottioff – season program of. “Once that happened, now their games have taken off and I’m excited to see where this is going to fall,” said Day. … The Buckeyes threw a lot of money in periods open to reporters. Day said that OSU will still use two to four linebackers based on clashes. …

Asked about his biggest concern in mid-spring, Day said it was a lack of playing time for the younger Buckeyes. “These are the things that we have to keep trying to put them in game situations and get more reps.” … Speaking of which, freshman receivers Emeka Egbuka, Marvin Harrison Jr. and Jayden Ballard were lined up together for an exercise. “The more we can put them in live situations, the better.” … Day said the state of Ohio will hold another match similar to a match on Saturday. OSU was not on pads Monday. Day said they are spacing out padded practices and trying to make them “really physical and really clean”.

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