WaterField Designs launches the AirPods Max case that Apple should have shipped

Much has been said about the case that Apple included with the AirPods Max. In addition to putting the headphones in ultra low consumption mode, it doesn’t offer much protection. The lack of functionality is an opportunity for third parties, however. Today, WaterField Designs is announcing a new AirPods Max case that will also put the headphones in ultra low power mode.

I’ve been using one of the WaterField Design bags on my MacBook Air for most of 2020 and I can say without a doubt that it’s my favorite laptop bag of all time, so I was really excited to hear about your new product.

“When Apple introduced AirPods Max, our community called for a new case,” said WaterField Designs owner Gary Waterfield. “So we surveyed more than 1,200 Apple enthusiasts to understand their needs and then incorporated their comments into our design. They requested a compact, protective, professional-looking bag capable of carrying some accessories. They were equally divided over the Apple Smart Case; one side wanted a case that encompassed the Apple Smart Case, while the other wanted a case that completely replaced it and put the headphones in low power mode. It was an exciting challenge to create a case that satisfies both sides and meets your other wishes as well. “

There are many cheap cases on the market, but the WaterField Designs case is really the case that Apple should have shipped. There is a magnetic leather butterfly inside the case that will trigger the ultra low power mode when AirPods Max are stored without the case. If you want to use the Apple case, the butterfly will be flat.

There is also an elastic mesh pocket with leather closure that can accommodate an Apple power adapter from 5W to 20W and charging and headphone cables, so you can store everything you need for your AirPods Max inside it.

The cover comes in black, blue or crimson and also includes a double zipper so you can carry your AirPods Max while keeping it closed. Of course, it contains a plush lining on the inside that is considered as soft as a dog’s ear to keep your AirPods Max looking new.

The AirPod’s Max case from WaterField Design is available for pre-order for $ 99, with the first batch being shipped on December 31, so if you are interested, be sure to buy quickly.

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