WatchTime Holiday Gift Guide for the Renaissance Man Who Collects Watches | Display time

The holidays are near, and while a new watch or two (or three or four) may be on the minds and lists of many WatchTime readers, most of us are also interested in other accessories for the good life outside of the watches themselves. Throughout the year, we found several of these fine products, some made by top watches maisons, others by some of our other favorite partners and friends. For this year’s last-minute holiday summary, we’ve selected a selection of these items to inspire some luxurious gifts.

Breguet fountain pen

Almost all watch collectors are aware of Breguet’s watchmaking prowess, and many are also aware of the brand’s forays into jewelry making, but few of us know the brand’s experience in a third realm: writing instruments. The company founded in 1775 now offers a wide variety of writing tools – from mechanical pencils to classic ballpoint pens, to much more refined fountain pens, to complete sets, including the three. The variety allows for some space when purchasing a gift that will quickly become a valuable family heirloom.

The price of writing instruments starts at $ 1,700, although a purchase consultation is required if you work directly with the brand. Breguet

Omega Rings

Did you know that Omega produced and sold rings? Neither have we, until recently. In fact, the Swiss watchmaker manufactures a wide variety of accessories not related to watches, including wallets, watch cases, planners, winders, cufflinks, sunglasses, bracelets, belts and even colonies. Most of these small products have their design influences from Omega’s range of iconic watchmaking designs, and Omega rings are no different.

The main influence of the design of the Omega rings is the unidirectional scalloped bezel of the Seamaster, with each model made to be combined and paired with one of the brand’s watches. Omega offers four different rings – brushed titanium, brushed steel, polished steel and black ceramic – with prices ranging from $ 170 to $ 280, depending on the material option and available through consultation and at Omega boutiques. The rings can be a little difficult to locate, but once found, they are certainly an excellent and unique gift for any hardcore Omega fan. Omega

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