Trump Vetoes Section 230 Annual Defense Spending Bill, Renaming Confederate Bases

President Trump vetoed the annual defense spending bill on Wednesday, citing his provisions to rename military bases that honor Confederates, among other complaints. The National Defense Authorization Law was passed by the two houses of Congress earlier this month with veto-proof majorities. Trump also questioned the bill that does not repeal Section 230, the U.S. legal code that prevents social media companies from being held responsible in court for their users’ posts. Trump, the country’s main supplier of disinformation, wrote in a memo to the House of Representatives that the law “facilitates the spread of foreign misinformation online. ”By vetoing the $ 741 billion bill, Trump also cancels money for troop pay increases. Congress has until January 3 to cancel the veto.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), one of the president’s fiercest allies, said he would not vote to override the veto unless Congress revoked section 230. Graham did not vote for the Senate’s final bill.

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