Trolls are cheating on PS5 and Xbox Series X Scalpers for revenge

A subreddit was created to troll the PS5 and Xbox Series X scalpers in hilarious ways.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are sold out everywhere. Huge demand has also prompted money changers to buy consoles to resell them at a much higher price.

People are finally tired of money changers accumulating and reselling new game consoles. Now they are chasing them to get revenge.

Why are money changers being tracked?

The PS5 and Xbox money changers are extremely unpopular, as many people are desperate to get their hands on the new consoles in time for Christmas. Money changers buy consoles with no intention of using them, which prevents people from buying them at a normal price.

Many people were also tricked by money changers and never received the console they paid for.

Xbox Series X Scalpers

Who is trolling the PS5 and Xbox Scalpers?

The subreddit r / scamthescalpers was created by people who bother with money changers and want to get back at them. After all, money changers are making it extremely difficult for people to buy consoles.

The trolls on Reddit are making fake deals with PS5 and Xbox money changers and are agreeing to meet them to buy the console. However, they will not appear.

Trolls usually set up a very inconvenient place to meet and then sit at home and wait. Sometimes money changers find out and come home, and other times they send messages of anger as soon as they realize they have been cheated.

Either way, the PS5 or the Xbox’s scalper time was lost. There are also other creative ways that scalpers have been tracked on the page.

The top post on subreddit shows a PS5 scalper who really shouldn’t have posted his phone number. The troll posted an ad on Craigslist with the money changer number, so they received a lot of calls and text messages from random people.

If these trolls continue with their strokes, perhaps scalping may be a thing of the past and everyone can buy a PS5 or X series X.

Although these trolls do not stop until the money changers do, there is also hope that the UK government can introduce measures to stop the money changers.

If you still haven’t managed to buy a PS5, you may still be able to buy one before Christmas. Now is the best time to upgrade to the next generation as well. The new PS5 update makes intergenerational updates much simpler.

Most importantly, don’t let the money changers take you down. Some of the best games are getting exciting Christmas updates, including a lot of free festive items in the Cold War.