Thornblade Saga: Rick Mathews Issues Statement on Investigation

Earlier this week, our news media reported that agents from the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) special investigations unit stepped up their investigations into “a series of allegations centered on an exclusive and upscale neighborhood in the suburbs of Greenville, South Carolina. “

This, regular readers know, is the flood of scandals that we refer to collectively as the Thornblade saga …

In our report, we note that Greenville, SC, insurance marketing executive Rick Mathews it had recently been the subject of a “long interview” with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) – a division of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). According to its website, HSI participates in “more than 120 human trafficking task forces across the country, alongside other federal, tribal, state and local authorities”.

According to our sources, HSI agents questioned Mathews extensively last Tuesday (August 25, 2020) about his recent divorce from Jennifer Mathews – who runs a yoga and pilates studio in Greenville.

“Jennifer Mathews’ husband was interviewed for three hours,” a source familiar with the investigation told us.

Well, go ahead and chalk other one above for our network of sources …

On Thursday afternoon, the law firm of Bannister, Wyatt and Stalvey issued a statement from Rick Mathews confirming that he had actually been questioned by the police – and was cooperating with them in their investigations.

Mathews’ statement shed additional light on some of the allegations at the heart of the Thornblade saga, which has arrested the Greenville audience since we reported exclusively in late July.

“I found out at the end of June this year that my wife, Jennifer Mathews, had been involved in various extramarital activities,” said Mathews in the statement. “Upon learning of this fact, we separated and I filed for divorce in July.”

Hmmm… multiple extramarital activities?

“I am aware that an investigation is being conducted,” continues Mathews’ statement. “Although I am not suspected of any illegal activity, I am fully cooperating with law enforcement authorities and will continue to do so.”

The Mathews’ divorce is the “family court affair” that this media referred to several weeks ago – a case that “figured prominently” in the ongoing investigation. According to our sources, this case was closed at the end of last month – although we have not yet received any of its allegations.

Mathews’ statement that he is not the target of any criminal investigations related to these scandals is consistent with the information provided to us by our network of sources.

Which means that the speculation now revolves around Jennifer Mathews … and those alleged “multiple extramarital activities”.

As we reported earlier this week, the details of Mathews’ divorce case – which have not yet been released – may have some influence on the various Thornblade-related narratives that circulate throughout the state.

But how? That is the question we seek to answer …

According to our sources, HSI investigators questioned Rick Mathews about his knowledge of certain “video recordings” involving Jennifer Mathews that were previously provided to investigators.

What else did they want to know? Good question …

We contacted Rick and Jennifer Mathews (below) – and its attorneys – earlier this week. We did not receive answers to our questions, however – at least not until Rick Mathews’ statement was posted online Thursday afternoon.

If we receive responses (including attorneys’ statements), we will forward them to our readers. And remember, our news media has an open mic policy …

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Since the beginning of this saga, we have focused on three separate Thornblade scandals: 1) allegations of misappropriation involving the neighborhood golf club, 2) allegations of a “prostitution ring” (or “sex chain”) involving several Thornblade residents and 3) allegations involving an “athletics team at a government-run high school near Taylors, SC” that would be connected in some way to the prostitution / sex network charges.

There are also reports of blackmail related to rumors from the prostitution / sex network.

How did it all start? As we reported exclusively on July 27, 2020, allegations of serious financial irregularities in the prestigious Thornblade Club led to an investigation by the US Secret Service (USSS) – which, as we noted at the time, has broad jurisdictional authority when it comes to “cyber-enabled financial crimes”.

The club is located about 5 miles east of Greenville, SC, in the Thornblade subdivision, and is known in the area for hosting an annual charity tournament sponsored by BMW.

Since then, these financial claims have been covered by mainstream media, courtesy of The Greenville News.

But there are other claims …

According to our sources, federal investigators are investigating the alleged activities of a group of men who apparently refer to themselves as “The Disciples” – although we have been warned that the ongoing investigation is not limited to that group.

For example, we reported earlier this week that HSI agents have been asking questions about Brian Gem Garrison – a former assistant tennis coach in Eastside High School in Taylors, SC, who was arrested and charged with contributing to a juvenile’s delinquency last spring.

These charges are still pending …

We also reported that the investigators were “looking to interview several current students and alumni of Eastside High School – as well as several current employees and alumni of the Thornblade Club.”

As we have said all along, we will continue to do our best to get to the bottom of what happened in relation to this saga – particularly the situation of the two pending federal inquiries.




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