The top 6 Bitcoin price predictions to watch in 2021

While you are undoubtedly “interested in technology”, the most popular and hotly debated topic, particularly with regard to the public interest, remains the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and speculating about its value in the future.

Currently, Bitcoin is in a bullish market cycle, up 200% year-on-year and surpassing everything else in 2020, with the exception of some stocks like Tesla. But this rally looks different from the end of 2017. On the one hand, the historical record has definitely been broken. Second, institutions are building up – while the public still largely sits on the sidelines.

“We are in a flood of money and credit”

Six-digit price forecasts for Bitcoin are becoming increasingly common in this bullish cycle, with the acceleration of the central bank’s monetary expansion as the main factor.

In fact, billionaire investors like Ray Dalio are beginning to accept the idea of ​​Bitcoin alongside gold as a way to diversify against what he calls the “derogatory value of money”.

“We are in a flood of money and credit that is raising most asset prices and distributing wealth in a way that the system we believe is normal cannot, and that threatens the value of our money and credit,” he warned in a statement. Reddit session on December 8.

“Most likely, this flood will not decrease, so these assets will not decrease when measured in the depreciation value of money. It is important to diversify well in terms of currencies and countries, as well as asset classes. “

Will Bitcoin reach $ 100K- $ 200K?

As Cointelegraph reported in May, Morgan Creek CEO Mark Yusko said that the price of BTC could exceed $ 100,000 in the next year or so. The price has now more than doubled since then, but it still needs to increase by another 300% in the next 12 months to reach six digits.

This estimate echoes the prediction of the popular Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, which its creator, Plan B, says remains on track. Last month, Plan B reiterated that it now has no doubt that BTC will reach $ 100,000 in December 2021 due to a “supply shortage”.

“People ask me if I still believe in my model. To be clear: I have no doubt that Bitcoin S2FX is correct and Bitcoin will earn $ 100,000-288,000 before December 2021, “he wrote last month.

As reported, Bitcoin reached the average trend line of the S2F model last month.

A $ 200,000- $ 300,000 “conservative”?

The $ 200,000 price forecast is even becoming relatively harmless, according to other analysts. Popular network analyst Will Woo says he is seeing more evidence of “hodling” this time, as well as an ever-decreasing supply of BTC on the stock exchanges as a result of the aforementioned shortages.

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According to Woo, this will be a double blow to bears.

“My Top Model suggesting $ 200,000 per BTC by the end of 2021 seems conservative, $ 300,000 is not out of the question.”

“I’ve never been more optimistic for 2021,” he continues in another post. “This recompilation phase coincides with the depletion of stocks in the spot market about 2x longer and deeper than the last cycle. He will send BTC. “