Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass Releases ‘Xmas w / Devil’ Holiday Charity Single

The proceeds from the single will go to ActBlue, the nonprofit technology organization that benefits Democratic candidates, progressive organizations and other nonprofits, making basic fundraising simpler and easier.

While “Xmas w / Devil” is the debut release of Gass’ latest side project, Tenacious D also released two songs in 2020: the single “5 Needs” and a cover of The Rocky Horror Picture Show“Time Warp”, which they recorded as part of the Rock the Vote initiative to engage young Americans in the 2020 presidential election.

The comedy duo’s last full studio set, Post-Apocalypto, fell in 2018 and reached number 93 on the Billboard 200. Meanwhile, Gass launched Thundering Herd, his most recent solo album with the nickname Kyle Gass Band, two years earlier, in 2016.

Check out Gass’s “Xmas w / Devil” below.