Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Leaker predicts the next 3 fighters

A forum post correctly predicted the first 3 DLC fighters in the second Fighters Pass of Smash Bros. Ultimate, and can aim for the next 3.

Since the DLC characters were first introduced to the series in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, rumors and speculation ran wild among Smash fans, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it was no exception. The game added some of the characters most requested by fans as DLC fighters, such as Banjo & Kazooie, Steve from Minecraft, and more recently, Sephiroth’s Final Fantasy 7.

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimatethe second Fighters Pass just reaching its midpoint after the release of Sephiroth, there are still 3 more empty spots in the game’s cast waiting to be filled. Although alleged leaks and industry insiders are closely monitored when it comes to Smash, there is a forum post that recently caught the attention of the community.

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The 4chan forum has become known for serving as the basis for video game leaks, especially when it comes to Super Smash Bros. Now, a 4chan post made in May 2020 is gaining momentum to accurately predict the first 3 fighters that were launched in Super Smash Bros. Ultimateaccording to Fighters Pass – Min Min, Steve and Sephiroth.

As 4chan is an anonymous message board, there is currently no way to judge the validity of the post, but assuming this prediction has weight, it can tell players who will be next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters are. In addition to correctly predicting the first 3 characters included in the game’s second Fighters Pass before the Min Min release date on June 29, an anonymous user predicted that the remaining DLC ​​fighters will be Ryu Hayabusa’s Ninja Gaiden, Doomguy’s Doomand Rayman. It is important to note that while the anonymous user predicted Min Min and Ninjara as the ARMS representatives instead of just Min Min, it can be argued that this was the result of the extended process that the developers went through when trying to decide which ARMS character to include, as mentioned in a Nintendo Direct presentation on March 26.

Many speculated that Doomguy would be the character announced during this year’s Game Awards, as the award took place in Doome birthday DOOM Eternal had released on Nintendo Switch just a few days earlier. Besides that, Ninja GaidenRyu Hayabusa has long been requested by fans, with many believing it is only a matter of time before the iconic ninja joins the star Smash list.

And it may well not be one Smash leak if Rayman is not included, as the sassy character has also been rumored for the series for some time, with a fan even going out of his way to conjure up Rayman’s fake leaks in Smash in 2015. Although each of these characters certainly earned their place in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimateambitious lineup of the, only time will tell if they will have a chance to fight with the best.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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