Study Edge announces tutoring initiative for elementary and high school in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, SC, December 23, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Study Edge is pleased to announce the expansion of its online network Tutor matching service (TMS) for all South Carolina State inside January 2021. Tutors have migrated to TMS, including those from Chegg Tutors who recently announced their January 2021 hang up. The TMS platform is so easy to use, friendly to parents and guardians, that it is being launched in several other states in the spring, in addition to South Carolina in January (

Repeatedly, Study Edge led the movement around best tutoring practices aimed at long-term academic success and real results for students. The Tutor Matching Service is the tutor management platform for Study Edge, a learning science company committed to improving STEM results for the entire education continuum, from kindergarten through college and beyond. In the past decade, Study Edge’s Tutor Matching Service and GoBoard, the leading whiteboard application developed specifically for online tutoring, have become the tutoring resources of choice for more than 500 US institutions, both primary and secondary education. University education. The legacy of Study Edge is the confidence of students, parents and educators who recognize their commitment to closing the gap in the US education system, with integrity at the forefront.

The pandemic has widened the education gap, especially for students with little access to social capital and those struggling to survive in the virtual environment. The education market saw a vast emergence of tutoring platforms that left students overwhelmed with options and parents feeling pressured to pay high fees for private tuition. Platforms from other countries, with little knowledge of the US educational system, have added even more job opportunities for experienced American tutors.

“We are excited and honored to work with the Department of Education, colleges and universities, school districts, tutors, parents and others across the South Carolina State to launch this and other initiatives “, said Ethan Fieldman, CEO of Study Edge. “Colleges can apply at no cost and allow their students to work as online tutors to help pay the bills during this period of high unemployment. For many colleges, the Tutor Matching Service is actually a much needed source of income, such as one $ 3 The hourly training and certification fee can be charged by TMS and sent to the institution. There is even a data panel for each faculty, with many customizations and parameters. Most importantly, however, we all know that the best way to learn is to teach. In this way, tutors are able to consolidate their knowledge on the subject, while providing the low-cost academic support that is so desperately needed across the state during the pandemic. ”

School districts can also get involved, if they want. Administrators can allow teachers to work as online tutors at night and on weekends, to supplement their income while fighting the COVID slide. Especially in elementary and high school mathematics, online tutoring has demonstrated an impact on the student’s overall performance. As with colleges, school districts can also add a $ 3 hourly certification fee, which the TMS sends back to the district.

For parents, this service connects directly with South Carolina college students and teachers is certainly the cheapest way to find a high quality online tutor. Unlike private tuition companies that typically raise tutors’ salaries by 100% to 200%, the new statewide correspondence service does not charge tutors anything and adds only a simple 10% service fee. This fee covers credit card fees and other payment and technology costs. In fact, there are many highly effective tutors available now for less than $ 15 per hour.

For more information, colleges and school districts should contact Dana Jenkins, South Carolina Assistant Director for Study Edge’s Tutor Matching Service and Math Nation projects in [email protected].

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