South Carolina’s Mark Kingston speaks in 2021

In this episode of the Baseball America College Podcast, hosted by Rapsodo, Teddy Cahill and Joe Healy join South Carolina coach Mark Kingston to discuss his optimism about the 2021 season, potential stars, college baseball training trees and his impression of Columbia.

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Gamecocks look like a team to watch in 2021. They lost Carmen Mlodzinski in front of the rotation, but they have many arms that seem ready to move forward, including right-hander Thomas Farr in the second year of the fourth year and the fourth-year in the right-hand junior Brannon Jordan, both excellent in the small sample of 2020. Kingston and his team have several different options for third place over the weekend, but the club leader is now third-year freshman southpaw Julian Bosnic, who has taken a step forward ahead this fall.

The lineup is expected to be a powerful group, with the return of third year sophomore Wes Clarke, who hit eight home runs last season, and fourth year Andrew Eyster, who was an effective racing producer for a few years. in a row now. The emerging star to be observed in the attack may be second-year freshman Brennan Milone, however. The long-awaited 2019 class recruit was injured early in the 2020 season and was just beginning when the season was canceled. The South Carolina team sees him as the team’s best hitter of the season.

Among the topics discussed in this episode are:

  • What Kingston learned about his team in the fall
  • The pride of seeing Carmen Mlodzinski get healthy and launch well in 2020, leading him to be summoned by the Pirates
  • Competition for places in the initial rotation and the development of Thomas Farr and Brannon Jordan
  • How Brennan Milone handled last season’s odds and what we can expect from him in 2021
  • Combining an excellent recruiting class with a talented group of returnees
  • College baseball coach trees, including yours
  • Your impressions of Columbia, South Carolina, now that it’s been there for a few years
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