South Carolina men suspend basketball activities

After the South Carolina soccer team miraculously completed a 10-game schedule of the coronavirus unscathed, COVID finally came to Columbia, with the men’s basketball team pausing their activities due to several positive tests.

The positive results returned Tuesday, and the team will be tested again today. There is currently no timetable for when activities will resume.

The Gamecocks, who come from a 77-67 loss to Houston’s No. 10 last weekend – a team that, incidentally, also had positive tests – were scheduled to face Wofford on Thursday. That game was apparently not postponed, but canceled, with no word yet on whether a future contest will replace it.

Otherwise, Gamecocks are not scheduled to play again until December 14, when they travel to George Washington. I imagine that at that point, they may be good to go, but the angle of travel can complicate things.