South Carolina 69 – Tulsa 58

(Photo: Jeff Blake, USA TODAY Sports)

South Carolina men’s basketball is in a rapid turnaround at the Hall of Fame Classic and will face Tulsa at 1pm on ESPN2, after losing 78-62 against Liberty on Saturday afternoon.

Follow the updates and live analysis of the game below, updating the page during the action and join the discussion on Plano’s Palmetto Proving Grounds Message Board. This article will be fixed at the top of the table.

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– 15:09, Tulsa leads 9-8: Tulsa managed a 9-3 lead with Gamecocks having five turnovers in the first four minutes of the game. AJ Lawson hit two jumpers, one in the three-point range.

– 12:44 pm, Carolina leads from 14 to 13: Gamecocks hit five of his last seven shots, with Tulsa’s help rotating it five times.

– 11:26, Carolina leads from 16-15: Both teams shot above 50 percent, but 15 combined turnovers allowed no flow at either end. Lawson and Couisnard combined 11 points.

– 8:00, Carolina leads 22-20: Gamecocks are shooting 50 percent off the ground (8 out of 16). Lawson (9 points) and Couisnard (8 points) are leading the way on the offensive side. If Gamecocks can limit rotations, they are scoring in a much better clip than yesterday.

– 3:40, Tulsa takes 30-28: Tulsa got hot on the offensive side, hitting six of the last eight strokes. Couisnard has 12 points with three three feats. Tulsa has 12 points in 11 Carolina turns. Only Wildens Leveque has two fouls entering the home stretch for the break.

-: 51, Carolina leads 34-33: Trap Hannibal making impactful plays on the offensive and defensive side. He only forced a violation of the kick clock because of his defense on the ball.

HALFTIME: Carolina leads 34-33



16:05, Carolina leads 46-40: Couisnard has up to 15 points because Gamecocks have the biggest advantage of the game. Leveque is on the bench with three fouls.

11:52, tied at 49: The Gamecocks have been goalless in almost the last three minutes (2:56), while Tulsa has made four of his last five shots and is in a 6-0 run to tie the game. Gamecocks have 18 turnovers and their opponent has 19.

8:50, Carolina leads 53-51: Couisnard gives the Gamecocks the lead, but he makes two bad mistakes in the next two offensive possessions. The Gamecocks hit just one of their last nine shots after climbing 49-43.

7:50, Carolina leads 55-51: Couisnard to Moss along the court for a tray and the Gamecocks are back for some belongings. Couisnard has 17 points and four assists. Lawson is behind him with 14 points. Carolina is shooting at 46 percent.

5:55, Carolina leads 59-51: Gamecocks in a 10-0 run in the last four and a half minutes.

4:16, Carolina leads 62-51: Frank Martin’s group has been in a 13-0 run for the past 5:49. Tulsa missed the last 12 shots and hit only two of the last 15. Lawson and Couisnard each have 17 points, Minaya with 11. Gamecocks hitting 48 percent.

1:30, Carolina leads 64-51: Gamecocks just have to run out the clock at this point.

END: South Carolina 69 – Tulsa 58