Sons of the Forest looks strange and is coming in 2021

This tree-cutting technology is satisfying to watch

Funny, I was wondering when we would hear more about Children of the Forest, the playfully titled sequel to the still very popular mutant survival game The forest. Endnight Games has released another new trailer.

“Everything you will see is recorded in real time from our last construction,” according to the studio.

Children of the Forest it looks weird in an irritatingly casual way. In one moment, you’re splitting logs and digging ditches, in the next, you’re using a scary mask to fit in with the locals and fire a taser at a faceless mutant. This trailer is full of glimpses of the story and fragments of gameplay.

It’s interesting to see the footage end in a “2021” window without knowing if it involves an early access launch like The forest (I assume so) or a game that is totally over. Either way, I’m hoping that survival fans will flock to these scary woods and that Endnight will continue to support the sequel for years.

I had totally forgotten about it so far, but the multi-member woman appeared in the first trailer.