Samsung deletes post mocking removal of Apple charger

The world was not in the least shocked when Apple confirmed that its iPhone 12 series would ship without a charger in the box, but some Android OEMs didn’t waste a second before rejoicing that their phones include chargers – and others a lot. better than Apple has ever done. Now, Samsung is stepping back, deleting a post that scoffs at Apple about removing the charger.

Sighted by HTT, a Facebook post of October 13 from Samsung’s official account was deleted. This post, in the photo below, boasted that Samsung phones come with the best “camera, battery, performance, memory and 120 Hz displays” But, in addition, they also include the most basic charger.

This post came out on the day the new iPhones were announced, but since then, expectations have changed. There is strong evidence now that Samsung also plans to eliminate the charger included in its Galaxy S21 series, which is due to debut on January 14.

Apple says it chose to remove the charger from the box because of the junk mail, stating that most users already have a charger. It is a noble move and, in the long run, it is certainly the best, especially since other OEMs make the same decision. Notably, however, Apple decided to include a USB-C cable for Lightning in the box, a cable for which most of its users do not have a charger. If Samsung really follows in Apple’s footsteps, discarding the charger, at least it will be with a USB-C to USB-C cable that will work with the chargers that Samsung has included in its latest generations of smartphones.

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