Sada Baby suggests that she would like Lil Nax X to be hospitalized instead of DMX

  • Rapper Sada Baby faced a negative reaction because of an Instagram story about Lil Nas X.
  • After the rapper DMX was hospitalized, Sada Baby said, “Sir, we said Nas X, not DMX.”
  • Sada Baby has been criticized in the past for homophobic comments and tweets on Instagram.
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After DMX was hospitalized due to a suspected overdose, fellow rapper Sada Baby took advantage of the news to go after Lil Nas X.

“Sir, we said Nas X, not DMX,” he wrote with an emoji of palms on his face, reported XXL Magazine, apparently saying that he preferred Lil Nas X to be hospitalized. A DMX lawyer confirmed to Rolling Stone that the rapper and actor was on life support devices and in critical condition in White Plains, New York.

Lil Nas X, who came out as gay in 2019, recently faced a reaction against the music video for his new song, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”, which shows him sliding down a stripper pole into hell and simulating sex with the devil.

Sada Baby, whose real name is Casada Aaron Sorrell, had previously made homophobic comments and used offensive slanders for gays on social media.

The artist deleted the story, XXL reported, and posted additional stories clarifying his comments. “I wasn’t really dying to die in blood,” he said in his Instagram story on Monday night, adding that he was referring to the collaboration of Lil Nas X’s “Satan shoe” with the MSCHF brand and his controversial video clip. Sada Baby said that since Lil Nas X has a wide audience, including children, he doesn’t want “the children in my family imitating what they are seeing in that video”.

But, he continued, “I apologize to the little friend if you felt that I wanted you dead.”

Lil Nas X's

Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoe” collaboration with MSCHF.

MSCHF / Twitter

The Detroit rapper’s early Instagram story was criticized by Twitter users, including some who speculated that Lil Nas X’s sexuality played a role in his treatment of other black men in the music industry.

“Heterosexual black men in hip-hop have been under pressure on Lil Nas X since day one,” a Twitter user said in response to Sada Baby’s comment.

In October 2020, Twitter users shared alleged tweets and Instagram comments allegedly posted by Sada Baby between 2010 and 2014, where he seemed to joke about rape and make offensive comments about black and gay women. Insider found several of those tweets still on Sada Baby’s account on Tuesday, including some containing gay slanders and references to the use of shillings.

After her old tweets reappeared, Sada Baby responded to the controversy in an Instagram story. He said he “doesn’t care” because “he was never part of that fake world a– anyway” and he hardly used Twitter.

Complex reported last fall that in an Instagram comment in response to a Lil Nas X fan account, Sada Baby allegedly used a gay slander.

Neither Sada Baby nor Lil Nas X responded to Insider’s requests for comment.