Reopen New York: NYC gets rid of the 2 school case rule; curfew has been raised in many companies, but not in restaurants

NEW YORK (WABC) – In the state of New York, the curfew ended at 11 pm for cinemas, casinos, bowling alleys, billiard rooms and gyms.

However, the COVID pandemic curfew remains in place for restaurants. Capacity is still limited to 50% in the city.

This is due to concerns about a more contagious COVID variant.

However, the latest data shows that cases, hospitalizations and deaths are decreasing in New York City.

Trips are on the rise. More than one million passengers a day have been examined at TSA checkpoints across the country in recent weeks.

That’s because vaccinations now reach four million a day across the country.

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Blasio’s mayor says the city is on its way to an important milestone.

“I think we are going to reach the goal of five million New Yorkers fully vaccinated by June, until the summer,” he said. “I think it will be verifiable that this is a place where you can come and do a lot of great activities, a lot of outdoor activities, cultural activities, outdoor dinners and many other things and be safe, so I think it will be a big part of our recovery . “

The mayor said that, in the light of good data, parents can continue to opt for face-to-face learning until Friday.

In addition, the city will no longer use the two-case rule to close schools.

“Withdrawing two cases will lead to schools being opened much more consistently,” he said.

The replacement of the two-case rule is not yet known. Still, School Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter said the district will focus on hand washing, wearing masks and social detachment to prevent outbreaks of COVID, rather than sudden closings.

“Consistency will do wonders for teaching, without interruptions due to building closures, teachers will be able to continue to connect more deeply with students and better understand their academic needs,” she said.

Tuesday, the vaccine’s eligibility extends to anyone over 16 in the state of New York.

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