Random: The Pokémon Company detected a small error in one of its collectible cards

Cinderace Errata

There are already five different sets of Pokémon shield and sword commercial cards, with a sixth expansion coming early next year.

With the sheer volume of cards that The Pokémon Company is pumping, it’s no surprise that there is a misprint from time to time. With that in mind, an error in the Cinderace card (part of the base Sword and Shield set, 36/202) will be changed.

The withdrawal cost printed on the original card was 1 energy but it should be two energy cards. This will take effect immediately in competitive games and will also be reflected in the Pokémon TCG Errata document. Here’s the change:

Much better!
Much better! (Image: Pokémon)

Have you collected any of the Sword and Shield TCG expansions? Do you have an original S&S Cinderace? Leave a comment below.