New York Police Officer shot in Brooklyn saved by bulletproof vest

A police officer was shot in the back in Brooklyn on Thursday night – and may have been saved when the bullet hit the back armor of his protective vest, sources said.

The officer was responding to a domestic dispute at 1606 Prospect Place in Crown Heights, shortly after 9 pm, when the sniper opened fire, according to police sources.

The criminal was on his way to his girlfriend’s house when he allegedly told her he had a gun and was going to open fire when he got there, the sources said.

Police officers arrived at the residence after his girlfriend’s mother called 911.

The police were talking to the young woman when the suspect arrived, shot the policeman and fled, according to sources. He was arrested shortly after

The girlfriend’s mother then called 911 and the shooter fled, sources said.

The officer was rushed to Kings County Hospital. Its condition is unknown.

Police officers met at the hospital on Thursday night to offer their support.

Sources said the sniper was arrested shortly after the shooting. The suspect has not yet been identified and the reason for the attack was unclear Thursday night.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was also on site.