New York healthcare professional suffers ‘significant allergic reaction’ to coronavirus vaccine

NEW YORK (WABC) – A healthcare professional in New York City has suffered a “significant allergic reaction” to the coronavirus vaccine.

The health professional with the Mount Sinai system has been treated and is in a stable condition.

The reaction was reported to the CDC, which is likely to publish a case report.

This is the only report of a serious side effect so far in New York City.

More than 30,000 COVID-19 vaccinations were administered in New York City on Wednesday morning.

The city said in a statement: “Vaccines have side effects and allergic reactions – although uncommon – are known to occur. We also know that based on clinical trials and reports of adverse effects in other jurisdictions, reactions like these are rare, but have have been reported with the Pfizer vaccine. The city’s Department of Health is closely following reports of the most serious side effects in collaboration with the CDC, and this is the first serious adverse event we have encountered in New York City. o distribution of the coronavirus vaccine to ensure that healthcare professionals, nursing staff and residents are protected against COVID-19. “

On Tuesday, the city launched a campaign to boost confidence in the vaccine and work to convince not only the first respondents, but all New Yorkers that vaccines are safe and effective.

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