Maiden Tayshia Adams revealed the moment when she knew that Zac Clark was the only one

After her tearful engagement at the end of the 16th season of The maiden, Tayshia Adams revealed the moment when she learned that Zac was the only one: at her meeting in her hometown in New York. “He was so thoughtful, kind and loving that day. I really started to see a life with him in New York, ”Tayshia told Elite Daily.

The date was full of basic New York items, including a pop-up bagel stand, a lighted cityscape and, of course, a huge wooden taxi they pretended to call. Tayshia and Zac laughed and kissed through fake NYC, enjoying a slice of pizza together while talking about their future.

“We felt it very early,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “But at the same time, I feel that we both hesitate to acknowledge this, just because it’s like, ‘Wait a second, this is happening too fast. Are we really, is this real? Is it just the situation? it was during his meeting in his hometown that we thought, ‘It’s undeniable. He was just shouting at us at the time. “

Although the end came to Zac, Ivan Hall and Ben Smith, Tayshia was decided. “I think Ben [Smith] is an incredible man but [Zac] boxes I’m looking for and a few more, “she said in Single Happy Hour podcast. “Things I didn’t even know I wanted and when I was with him, I was like, I want this.” It may not have been clear to her at first, but after talking to her parents, Tayshia knew that Zac could “balance [her] on the paths [she has] wanted. “”

As for the future? The couple plans to live bicastal for a while, dividing the time between Tayshia’s home in Orange County, California, and Zac’s home in New York. Hopefully, they will have a chance to recreate their hometown date for real!