Loeffler said he would consider supporting checks for $ 2,000

Sen. Kelly LoefflerGeorgian Senate candidate Kelly Loeffler Ossoff supports Trump’s call for K checks. Pro-Trump PAC launches 0.000 purchase announcement for Loeffler, Perdue Harris hesitates for Georgia Senate candidates: ‘2020 is not over until January 5’ MORE (R-Ga.) He said on Wednesday that he would consider supporting legislation on direct payments of $ 2,000 if that would transfer money from “unnecessary spending” for that purpose.

“I will certainly seek to support it if it redirects unnecessary spending towards it,” she said at a campaign event.

Loeffler’s comments come later President TrumpDonald Trump Georgia Senate candidate Ossoff supports Trump’s request for K checks The White House wishes Birx well after she announces retirement Pelosi responds to Trump: Let’s press for K checks ‘this week’ MORE on Tuesday it criticized the coronavirus relief bill and the government financing package that Congress passed on Monday. The president asked lawmakers to increase direct payments by $ 600 to $ 2,000.

Loeffler voted in favor of the bill, which was approved with broad bipartisan support. It is not clear what will happen next with the account.

Loeffler’s response to Trump’s comments is being closely watched because she is a candidate in one of the two Senate second rounds in Georgia on January 5, which will determine which party will control the Senate next year. His Democratic opponent, Rev. Raphael Warnock, made support stimulus checks a part of his campaign message and on Wednesday asked Loeffler to pay $ 2,000.

“As I said from the start, the Senate should have acted on this months ago and support for Georgians should have been much greater. Donald Trump is right, Congress should quickly increase direct payments to $ 2,000,” said Warnock in an announcement. “Once and for all, Senator Loeffler must do what’s best for Georgia, instead of focusing on what she can do for herself.”

Warnock said on Twitter that Loeffer’s comments on Wednesday sounded as if the Republican was “no” to direct payments of $ 2,000.

Loeffler accused Democrats of suspending humanitarian aid for small businesses for months for political reasons.

“It is extremely important that Georgians hold Democrats accountable for this on January 5, and know that they have someone in Washington who will ensure that we have targeted relief, that we are accountable with taxpayer dollars and that we receive funding for them as well. we can, “she said.