Let this AI strangely need to dive into your Spotify habits

The bot will ask you to log in with your Spotify account. He promises not to post or change anything – he just wants his listening data. After processing his listening habits and asking some sarcastic questions, he unleashes a series of nasty and annoyingly accurate jabs at his musical taste.

The bot told an Engadget team member (who will remain nameless) that “your Spotify was please-read-my-manuscript-60-dollar-white-shirt-local-talk-radio-sticker-sticker-bitch” He informed another that his listening activity was “kombucha-preparing-many-feelings-BTS-it’s-great-please-don’t-hurt-us.” There.

It displays a series of statistics, including one that indicates how basic you are. Even if your musical taste is out of the ordinary, AI you can say “There is a reason why nobody hears the same things as you.” Thank you, bot. Instead of simply saying which songs you played most often, it will say “you hear these tracks too much”. This can signal an artist that you’ve been listening to frequently and ask if you’re okay.

Before you start looking at your shoes and contemplating the choices you made that led to these insults, remember that AI is just a little fun. That, or you’re a stupid idiot who, like, just doesn’t understand you.