KFC launches video game console – with fried chicken grill

KFC has created a way for hungry players to reheat their fried chicken without having to press the pause – launching a good video game to lick their fingers with a built-in grill.

“KFConsole is here,” announced manufacturer Cooler Master on its website.

KFC originally posted a video at KFConsole after the June debut of Playstation 5, where it boasted that the contraption was “equipped with a red-hot grill”. However, players thought the multifaceted machine was silly until the manufacturers clarified that it was, in fact, real business on Tuesday.

“Yes it’s real,” tweeted Intel representative Mark Walton. “Yes, it is powered by Intel. And yes, it has a chicken heater. “

KFC Gaming up released an epic video featuring KFConsole’s state-of-the-art “Chicken Chamber”, a miniature microwave-like compartment in which button mashers can put the chicken to warm while playing.

“Using the system’s natural heat and airflow system, you can now focus on the game and enjoy hot, crispy chicken between rounds,” according to Cooler Master.

If that weren’t cool enough, the device also offers “fluid and fluid high-frame rate gameplay at up to 240fps for all games, with support for 240 Hz output on 4k monitors”, according to the description.

Unfortunately, KFC has not yet announced when or where KFConsole will be available.

Players can indulge their KFC-related pixel pains in the meantime by playing “I Love You, Colonel Sanders! dating simulator ”or building KFC restaurants in“ Minecraft ”.

In other seasonal news, Walmart is still serving KFC’s fried chicken-smoked log for the holidays.