Joe Namath shocked Trevor Lawrence by fleeing the Jets

Jets fans weren’t the only ones in a bad mood after the team’s first win of the season took the organization out of position for the right to summon Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 NFL draft.

Appearing on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” program on Tuesday, legendary Jets quarterback Joe Namath admitted he was excited about the possibility to place choice # 1 and see the Clemson QB star in green and white.

“After watching them play the entire season up to that point, I didn’t imagine they would win a game,” said Namath two days after the Jets’ shocking turnaround against the Rams.

“Especially against the Rams that day. Naturally, I was looking forward to being number 1 in the draft, being very advantageous for our team. So, I was surprised. “

Namath’s disappointment comes after the Jets avoided becoming the third 0-16 team in NFL history. The win, however, tied the Jets with the Jaguars for the league’s worst record (1-13) and Jacksonville has the strength of the tiebreaker.

“I’m not trying to be low on Sam Darnold. He will be in the league for 15-20 years. Who knows. He’s a good player, ”said Namath. “But this guy from Clemson, Lawrence, he’s special. He’s very special. I think I saw him pass the Notre Dame secondary last week.

“He has speed. He has touch on his pass. He is smart. He goes everywhere. He did not show a negative that I saw in recent years. And when you have a chance to put an animal like that on your team with these qualities, I don’t know how you can say no. “

Unless the Jaguars win one of their last two games of the regular season, the Jets now have a decision to make with choice number 2 in the draft. Justin Fields of the state of Ohio has long been considered the second overall choice, but in recent weeks ZU Wilson from BYU has emerged as an alternative option.

The Jets could also negotiate the choice and consider other options in the position of defender, be it another year of Darnold or a free temporary agent.