It’s been a busy Christmas week for Gamecocks so far

The days before Christmas are usually quiet on the South Carolina football news, but this is a totally strange year, so it makes sense that this is an atypical moment. A lot has happened with Gamecocks canceling their appearance in a bowling game, players leaving and training arriving.

If you missed something while shopping or in the kitchen stealing some homemade desserts, we are protecting you. Here’s what happened within the Gamecocks football program in the past few days.

Tony Morrell’s training tips | New name on defensive coordinator

– With the start of the hiring period in the rear view mirror, the biggest task for the new principal technician Shane Beamer is to gather your technical committee. Beamer was on the radio with Teddy Heffner at Talking Sports on Monday morning, and he said he wants to have hires soon, but he won’t be rushing.

“All the coaches I talked to since I got this job, all the coaches I talked to, all said to me, ‘Make yourself comfortable with your team, make sure you get it right. All 10 guys have to be suitable. ‘and that’s what I’m trying to do. I know everyone wants it to be announced, but I’m excited about what’s going to happen and how things are going. ”

— In our VIP room on Monday night, we mentioned that the Tennessee offensive line coach Will be friend was beginning to emerge as a primary candidate for the same position with Gamecocks. Football Scoop later reported that Friend must be on the South Carolina team. We believe this report is a bit premature, but Friend could be the Gamecocks guy.

– While most of the conversation on the Proving Grounds Plan message board revolves around the search for assistant coaches, Hale McGranahan broke the news early Tuesday afternoon that the Gamecocks did not play in the Gasparilla Bowl due to positive Covid-19 tests and contact tracking that put several offensive coaches into quarantine protocols.

With the news that the bowling game has been canceled for Gamecocks, the season has officially ended. And what that means for South Carolina is that there would be movement in the ranks of the assistant coach and movement of players on the NCAA Transfer Portal.

– The news was released on Tuesday night that the coach of the first year linebackers Rod Wilson would be don’t come back with Gamecocks next season . Wilson left a position on the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff to return to his alma mater and take over as a former coach Coleman Hutzler. Wilson became the third assistant coach in the defense of football who will not be back on the team. Defensive Coordinator Travaris Robinson and security coach Kyle Krantz both were told last week that they would not be retained, so their time with Gamecocks officially ended when the bowling game was canceled.

– The first of two players to hit the NCAA transfer portal on Wednesday was on the defensive back Jammie Robinson. A former Freshman All-SEC player and holder of 10 Gamecocks games in the second year in 2020, Robinson did not post a message on his social media account. His name appeared on the NCAA Transfer Portal, and one of South Carolina’s best defense players left the program.

– The second of two defenders entered the NCAA transfer portal on Wednesday afternoon like second year John Dixon made plans to leave the program. Dixon started the first game of his career as a real freshman in 2019, but it was largely a reinforcement in his first year on campus. He became an important part of the rotation this season and started at the end of the year, after several injuries and withdrawal.

– The first good news came on Wednesday afternoon, when the first location of the Beamer era surfaced. Head coach of Hammond School Erik Kimrey go join the Gamecocks technical team as the head coach.

Kimrey, a former Gamecocks defender, took Hammond to his fourth consecutive SCISA championship this year. In the 17 years that Kimrey led the program, the Skyhawks have won 12 state championships.

Tony Morrell was the first to report Gamecocks are focusing on the Memphis special team coordinator Pete Lembo to occupy the same place on the South Carolina team. Following Morrell’s report, Football Scoop reported the same thing. Morrell, in the linked article, shared how he expects the team to stay in most positions.

– South Carolina received a second good news as a placekicker Parker White announced his plan for go back to school for another season. In 10 games, White was 11 out of 19 in field goal attempts and 26 out of 27 in extra point attempts. In field goal, he was 11 of 15 from within 50 yards and 0 of 4 from outside of 50 yards. His season was 48 yards.