The only thing you couldn’t blame the OnePlus for this year was its lack of reach: it sold phones to impress and sold even more to respect the buyer’s budget. But there was a clearly defined gap between the Nord series and the OnePlus 8 entries this year that could be filled. In fact, we heard earlier that the company intends to fill that gap in 2021 and now we are learning more about how it will be filled.

What turned out to be the original Nord phone started its life in the rumor mills more or less like the “OnePlus 8 Lite”. But it may be the case, reports Android Central, that there will be a OnePlus 9 Lite that will be launched and marketed along with the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro in the next quarter. It will also tow the current generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 as its power against the last two Snapdragon 888. Other hardware details are guesses at the moment, but include 65W wired charging and the same cameras as the OnePlus 8T.

Likewise, at this moment, OnePlus stands out as an outstanding company with episodic downsizing, executive turnover and, possibly very related to turnover, a cohesive void in its product strategy. Obviously, OnePlus 9 arrives at a time when consumer demand can be eliminated in a post-pandemic holiday economy – which, in itself, has created many financial uncertainties for companies – without a clear path of recovery in the future. .