‘I was brought here to stop guys like him’

There are few clashes in the NFL that generate more intrigue than this. And, when the Rams and Seahawks clash on Sunday, fans should expect to see another exciting edition of this clash of titans.

As with most game days, it will take a collective effort to slow down the Pro Bowler for the first time. But, as Ramsey said on Thursday, stopping Metcalf will mostly fall on the shoulders of the now four-time Pro Bowl cornerback.

“I live for that kind of confrontation,” said Ramsey, by Jourdan Rodrigue from The Athletic. “I was brought here to stop guys like him.”

Ramsey, who responded by playing with a “maybe” when asked if he would cover Metcalf again, reached that goal in spades when Seattle and LA met in Week 10.

According to Pro Football Focus, Ramsey followed Metcalf on 77.1% of his routes – the maximum he did against a wideout this season – and allowed zero (!) Receptions on two targets.

If it seems difficult to name another database that blocked the dynamic receiver in a similar way, it should be. No other defender has held Metcalf against fewer targets in 2020.

Widely known for his ability to turn off any opponent’s best receiver since joining the league, Ramsey also said it was a “shock” not to be elected by the fans in the top 10 of the Pro Bowl, voting among the cornerbacks.

He stressed that his surprise should not be taken as a shot at any of his contemporaries, which is quite diplomatic. However, when you consider that Ramsey is among the top 5 in percentage of completion allowed in coverage and has covered names like Metcalf, DeAndre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs, your reaction is understandable.

A Seahawks victory in Week 16 would give them their first NFC West title since 2016. A Rams victory would guarantee a place in the playoffs, while keeping their hopes of another division title alive.

Week 15 was a bad day for LA in its impressive defeat for the Jets. Ensuring that this week’s tour ends on a better note will largely depend on whether Ramsey’s coverage at Metcalf proves to be a gift that continues to be offered.