How to unlock Cold War Black Ops weapons in the middle of season 1

All of the Cold War weapons of next season 1 can be unlocked with these hidden challenges.

Three new weapons are being launched during Black Ops Cold War Season 1, but players can now unlock them.

As shown by the Activision images, the weapons that arrive at Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are the Streetsweeper shotgun, the Sledgehammer and the Wakizashi blade.

Cold War Wakizashi

Each of these weapons will have a challenge to unlock them. However, these challenges can now be completed, even if they are hidden in the game.

If you plan to unlock any of these weapons sooner, here is a warning. Complete these challenges as quickly as possible, as it can be fixed at any time.

What are the weapon challenges of Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War?

There are three weapon challenges from the First Cold War Season. Each unlocks a new weapon for the Cold War and the War Zone.

The Streetsweeper shotgun requires players to get 3 killstreak with Black Ops Cold War Shotguns in 15 different games.

Meanwhile, the Sledgehammer challenge asks players to use Combat Knife to kill 2 or more players “quickly” in 15 separate matches.

Unfortunately, the Wakizashi The challenge is the most difficult of the three. That’s why you need perform two final moves in 10 different matches.


There is a problem, however. These Cold War Weapon Challenges can only be completed in Warzone at the time.

The challenges are even more difficult than usual because they are completely hidden in the game right now. You will not be able to track your progress for them.

Easiest way to unlock new Cold War weapons

Since challenges only work in Warzone at the moment, the easiest game mode to unlock them is Plunder. This is because you can start with a custom upload.

O best loading to complete the challenges you need a Cold War shotgun and a knife. So, equip a primary weapon Hauer 77 or Gallo SA12 and the secondary Combat Knife and move on.

Loading of hidden weapons

Make sure to equip the Black Ops Cold War version of the combat knife as well. Progress will not count if you use the Modern Warfare combat knife.

After unlocking the new weapons, you can normally increase them in Warzone or Black Ops Cold War. Use this handy guide to level up your weapons as quickly as possible with double XP.

In addition to these new weapons, there are some incredible Mastercraft weapon skins coming to the Cold War and the War Zone soon.

Perhaps if Activision and Treyarch spent less time on new weapons and skins, they would really hear what Call of Duty players have to say.

Fans of the franchise are upset that Battles Pass challenges are being blocked for Warzone. There was also a very negative fan reaction to the new look of a fan favorite character.