Great accessories for your new Apple Watch

You are the proud user of a new Apple Watch Series 6? You got a discount Series 4 or maybe choose the Series 3 with the most attractive price of $ 199? Whichever model you’re using, it’s natural to think that your next stop will be the Apple Store – online or in person. Where else could anyone store watchbands, wireless headphones, charging stations, and other accessories?

Literally anywhere else. All of these things are worth it, but Apple charges a considerable premium for them. Fortunately, there are excellent affordable alternatives, many of which are listed below. I tried some of these myself; others I am including based on user comments or other factors. Note that my use of “cheap” here does not mean indicating the quality of the product, but rather the price. I will update this list periodically.

Cheap Apple Watch bands

Thanks to the easy-to-change bands, the Apple Watch can quickly change its appearance and function. A leather bracelet for work. (Someday.) A sports band for the gym. (Someday.) A Milanese loop for the theatah. (Sigh.)

Buy any of them at an Apple Store and you’ll pay $ 30 to $ 150. How absurd is that? Here are some examples of Apple Watch straps that you can get for less – in some cases way Any less.


A Milanese loop is a strip of metal mesh with a magnetic closure. It is one of the easiest bands to put on (and the size for your wrist), and it is also a very stylish option.

Apple charges $ 149 (!) For its version, but there are numerous options available on Amazon in the $ 10 to $ 15 range. I linked to one below, but it’s just a representation of what’s out there. Whatever you do, don’t pay Apple $ 149.


A bummer about Milanese loops: over time, they can chew the opening arms of jackets and sweaters. So if you want an elegant look without this problem, or just don’t like the feel of the metal on your wrist, wear a leather bracelet.

Like this: Fullmosa (via Amazon) sells a wide range of calf leather Apple Watch Bands, most priced from $ 10 to $ 15. You can choose from about a dozen different colors, many with one or two options of buckle colors too.

Again, this is just a product of dozens. I chose it because the over 4,300 user reviews average 4.5 stars.


The Apple Watch’s standard sports band is good, but I’ve always liked the look of the Nike version – the one with all the holes. It turns out that you can get one for just $ 7 (maybe even less), in your choice of color combinations. And the options don’t stop there; just search Amazon for “Apple Watch silicone bracelet” or “sports bracelet” and you’ll find a generous variety – many of them priced at $ 15 or less.


If you don’t want a silicone bracelet, but want something that is fashionable and good for exercising, consider a sports ring. It is like a woven nylon version of the Milanese lace, with velcro fastening instead of metal and magnets.

Below, I put a link to one that costs a mere $ 8, but you can also find multiple packages in the $ 15- $ 20 range. Apple price for a single: $ 49 or more.

My colleague Shara Tibken notes that Velcro doesn’t last as long in these cheaper bands, but even if you have to replace it every, say, six months, you still get ahead.

Check out more great Apple Watch straps you can get on Amazon.

Cheap Apple Watch chargers

Traveling with an Apple Watch can be a hassle because you need to recharge it almost daily. This means disconnecting the charger from any bedside table configuration and hoping it doesn’t get lost along the way.

A better bet: take a portable charger. It is not a laptop stand, look, the one that uses the standard Apple charger, but a rechargeable power bank with its own Apple Watch magnetic charging module.

Okay, this can also be a nuisance, since you will probably have to recharge the charger after a few uses. But leave it in the hotel room, connected to your laptop or any other USB port, and you’re ready to go at night.

As with choosing a power bank for your phone, the greater the capacity of the battery, the more charges you will have. But before choosing a Belkin or Griffin charger from the Apple Store and spending at least $ 60, check out some of the other options.


Unless you are looking for something smaller, like a keychain charger, this is the one you should buy. It is a 5,000 mAh power bank, therefore, much more durable than most Apple Watch chargers. It sits on a dock that doubles as a clock holder. When you go on a trip, just pick up the battery and leave. Oh, and it also has a standard USB port, so you can charge your phone or other mobile device.


As compact and compatible with the use of keys as the Apple Watch portable chargers can be, this guy carries a 1,000 mAh battery – good for some recharges, depending on how low your watch battery is.

A notable advantage: the charger itself uses a Lightning cable to recharge, so you don’t need to bring a Micro-USB cable, which is what most of these things use.


Already traveling with an energy bank? Just plug it into one of your USB ports (or any powered port) and, ready, an Apple Watch charger. To be clear, this has no strength of its own; it’s just a plug-in charging base for the watch. It is also one of the cheapest and most compact designs I have ever seen. (You can buy a charging cable for a few dollars more, but there will be more cable clutter.)

Here are more Apple Watch chargers available on Amazon.

Cheap Apple Watch headphones

One of the Apple Watch’s best tricks (that is, if you have a Series 3 or later) is integrated storage for music and podcasts. To take advantage of this, you will need a pair of wireless headphones.

Like, maybe, AirPods? Without a doubt, they are a good match for your Apple Watch. They also correspond to $ 159 (or $ 249 for AirPods Pro), so no thanks. I would definitely start by examining the CNET summary of the best sports headphones, which includes my favorite choice for runners, the AfterShokz Aeropex.

But these are expensive too, and we are here to speak (or rather, listen) cheaply. So check out these affordable Bluetooth headsets that can pair perfectly with your watch – and our summary of the best cheap AirPods alternatives.

Sarah Tew / CNET

With a feeling of robustness that belies its incredibly low price, SoundBuds Slim offers good sound, convenient magnetic buttons and a carrying case. Read our review of SoundBuds Slim.

Sarah Tew / CNET

It sounds too good to be true, from the sweat-proof headphones with nice sound to the charging case that supports USB-C and Qi wireless charging. EarFun Free has a list price of $ 45, but it sells for $ 36, and there is still a 10% discount coupon. (Both are subject to change.) Read our EarFun Free review.

OK, these are my choices of cheap – but still great – accessories for the Apple Watch. What would you add to this list?

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