Grace VanderWaal shows off bold pink style in a jaw-dropping makeover

“I used to think about the way I dressed / As if I was beautiful? And am I good at sex? / I used to want to say goodbye early / But I’m a disco queen, I’m still alive / I try to tell them, ‘See you more evening!’ / But they don’t want to let me go / I send a kiss to everyone who hates / Yes, I just want them to know / This baby doesn’t cry, “a pink-haired VanderWaal mouths for the camera, wearing a big black jacket from the high school and a corset-inspired nude top as she claps along the runway.

In the clip, the America have talent champ complements his new hair color with cherry lipstick, a single earring and a large medallion necklace while an unnamed friend dances in the background.

While VanderWaal released his most recent EP, Letters: Vol. 1, in November 2019, she made her film debut earlier this year as the main character of Disney + ‘s Stargirl. The singer also recorded the track “Today and Tomorrow”, full of ukulele, for the soundtrack of the film.

Check out VanderWaal’s daring pink hair makeover here.