Glynn Turman is thrilled to discuss the final performance of Chadwick Boseman: TheGrio

Glynn Turman sat with the Carlos Watson Show and I talked about working with Chadwick Boseman in your final performance.

Turman and Boseman joined Viola Davis for the movie Black Bottom by Ma Rainey, which is now broadcasting Netflix. Turman spoke openly with the host Carlos Watson about his acting career and was immediately thrilled when the host mentioned Boseman, who passed away unexpectedly in August.

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Watson first asked Turman, who is known for films as Cooley High and programs like A different world, how he started to act. Turman gives credit to his mother, who was in the “bohemian” crowd and introduced him to his friend and playwright around the age of 12, Lorraine Hansberry.

But when his mother first came up with the idea of ​​auditioning for Hansberry’s play, a young Turman agreed to a condition.

“I’m not sure. When will it be?” Turman said to his mother at the time. “Because if it’s Saturday, I can’t. I have a baseball game.”

Turman and Watson started laughing hysterically at the actor’s innocence at the time. He goes on to say, “I got the role.”

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Regarding his most recent role with Boseman, Turman is excited about the late actor.

“Chad Boseman, that caliber of excellent actor who is dedicated to the craft and was not there for glamor … who was putting his blood on it,” shared Turman, incredulous. “Wait until you see this boy.”

He is thrilled and puts his face in his hands.

Watson states it saying, “You will miss him”. He adds: “But you won’t miss him because he hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s still here with us. “

The full episode of Carlos Watson Show falls on January 4.

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