Fox’s Maria Bartiromo tricked by animal rights activist, pretending to be CEO of Smithfield Meat Company

If you suspected that Maria Bartiromo would be easy to deceive, those assumptions were confirmed on Wednesday morning, when Fox Business anchor spent more than six minutes interviewing an animal rights activist she believed to be the CEO of Smithfield Foods, which calls itself “The largest pork processor and pig producer in the world”.

According Direct action everywhere, activist Matt Johnson managed to get hired on the Bartiromo program as Smithfield Foods’ new CEO and president, Dennis Organ. During the interview, he warned viewers that industrial farms like the ones Smithfield operates could create the next pandemic, without raising suspicions about Bartiromo, who simply moved on with the segment.

Bartiromo began by introducing Johnson as Dennis Organ and asking him about the company’s South Dakota processing plant, which became the country’s worst COVID-19 cluster at the start of the pandemic. In the early stages, he played quite frankly, calling the coronavirus “devastating” for his industry and acknowledging the “heroic” efforts of factory workers – some of whom died of COVID.