Five bold predictions for the Miami Dolphins in Week 16

There are only two games left for the regular season of the Miami Dolphin, and when you thought you saw everything there was for the Dolphins’ team, they ran 250 yards as a team against the vaunted New England Patriots in Week 15, winning 22 points in the second half with a 22 to 12 victory over the Patriots. What will Week 16 hold when the Las Vegas Raiders host the Dolphins at their new stadium? The Dolphins are playing to position themselves in the playoffs, while the Raiders’ hopes in the playoff are in vital support and a defeat on Saturday night would formally remove the Raiders from the potential playoff field.

With so much at stake, what madness could we see? Here are our five bold predictions for dolphins in week 16?

The AFC Playoff field keeps the heat in Miami

The Dolphins would certainly need the help of some of their AFC contemporaries as they look for the way for the playoffs to materialize. The Browns continue to win. Just like the Ravens. The Colts are another team that keeps up the pressure, although they face the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend. Don’t expect any surprise help for the Dolphins’ playoff hopes this week. If Miami wants a post-season spot, they’ll have to accept it now. This includes a win in each of the next two weeks.