Final predictions: championship games

Most of the teams playing this weekend are in conference championship games, and the South Carolina football team has obviously fallen short of that mark this year. But another brand that Gamecocks fell short of this year was the games that were canceled. Several teams in action on Saturday are out in the field because they failed to keep Coronavirus out of their locker rooms.

There are three games of the Southeast Conference scheduled for the weekend, in addition to the SEC Championship Game, which places Alabama among the first placed against 7th Florida. It is an atypical schedule in an atypical year, but few will fight for the opportunity to watch more football.

Gamecocks will watch and assist the future head coach Shane Beamer and his Oklahoma team face Iowa in the Big 12 Championship Game. It must be Beamer’s last game with a Sooners logo on his shirt before taking up full time in South Carolina.

We don’t have a South Carolina football game to choose from this week for the second week in a row, but we will certainly take a look at the conference championship games along with others from across the SEC. Who will make the right calls this week?

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