Epic’s 15 days of free games continue with Tropico 5

The bells are ringing, the snow is flying, and the already generous gift offer from the Epic Games Store is running out. The 2020 Epic Games Store Christmas Promotion started on Thursday, December 17th. You can find huge discounts in most of the store’s catalog, of course, but Epic is launching some powerful and attractive burglars to persuade you to enter its virtual aisles, offering play each day for 15 consecutive days.

Epic’s aggressive giveaways drew hordes of gamers to the store Fortnite built. The Epic Games Store offers one or two games for free each week, and they are surprisingly high quality. Last year, Epic distributed games for 12 days at its Christmas sale, and the company really won recognition for our Full Nerd podcast as the unorthodox winner of “Best PC accessory” in 2019. Hey, it’s hard to argue against free games.

The gifts started with a bang, debuting with Cities: Skylines, the best city builder on the market. Today’s draw is Tropico 5, a flawed but fundamentally fun (and surprisingly whimsical) city builder dressed as a yes Caribbean dictator. Definitely give it a try, if you haven’t played yet.

Here’s what has been given so far:

Epic’s Holiday Sale giveaways are exchanged daily at 11 am Eastern Time, so act fast if you want to claim a game and always come back to see what’s new.

epic coupon Epic Games

Better yet, claiming a free game gives you an epic coupon, valid for $ 10 off any game over $ 14.99 in the store. (You can also click on the Get my epic coupon on this page to get it.) This further lowers the already high selling price of many games. You can get the fantastic Star Wars: Squads for a mere $ 14 after applying the epic coupon to the holiday promotion discount, for example, or simply taking $ 10 off the price of Cyberpunk 2077. And when you buy a game, Epic launches yet another coupon towards you – the company says they are “unlimited”.

The annual Steam Winter Promotion is expected to start next week, but between $ 10 coupons and a flurry of free games, the Epic Games Store is making a strong case for why you should spend your time on your sale on vacation.

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