Dr. Susan Moore dies of Covid-19 after complaining about racism at Indiana Hospital

She was no stranger to the challenges of obtaining adequate medical care, said Muhammed, her 19-year-old son. She had sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that attacks the lungs and was often treated in hospitals.

“Almost every time she went to the hospital, she had to defend herself, fight for something in some way, shape or form, just to get a baseline, adequate care,” he said.

In her fight against coronavirus at the IU Health North Hospital in Carmel, Indiana, Dr. Moore wrote in a Facebook update that she ended up talking to the medical director of the hospital system, who ensured that she would have better care and that diversity the training would be carried out. She got a new doctor and her pain was being better managed, she wrote.

Credit…Henry Muhammed

But even though things seemed to be getting better at the hospital, Dr. Moore still felt that care was lacking and that the medical team became less responsive, according to Muhammed, who spoke to her daily. Although she really didn’t feel well enough to be discharged, she was looking forward to going home and taking care of her parents, he said.

When she was fighting Covid-19 at the hospital, she took the time to order new slippers because his were broken, said Muhammed. In his last conversation with her, she said that she would help him go to college.

“Even with the bitter end, she thought of other people,” said Muhammed.

The hospital was discharged on December 7, he said, and she was slow and tired when she got home. The hospital called several times to check on her, he said, and when she didn’t respond, she sent an ambulance. Her mother was barely able to walk and was breathing heavily when the ambulance arrived. She was taken to a different hospital 12 hours after being discharged from the previous one, she said on Facebook.